Music is a form of entertainment that keeps evolving – different people like different types of music and it is important for casinos to keep up with the times. This applies for both online and land-based casinos. They always want to know how they can bring in new customers and slot machines are always popular. Slots that have a theme will help to attract customers and rock music is a good example of a popular slots theme but other types of music also feature heavily.

ZZ Top is a band that started back in the early part of the 1970s and even though their chart-topping days would appear to be behind them, they still have something of a following. The slot machine themed around the band is considered to be a little bizarre, such as the ‘Just Got Paid’ feature that shows clips of the band performing in concert.

The slot based on The Rolling Stones is considered to be a truly interactive experience for any fan. The game features an iChair, surround sound and has an LCD screen. The game playing also features clips of the band performing and there are bonus games that have taken inspiration from some of the bands songs.

One of the hottest rock bands of the 80s and the early part of the 90s, Guns ‘n’ Roses members feature on the reel of their slot and the background is a rock festival stage. The compulsory clips of band performances are shown during the game and there are bonus rounds which are based on various songs made famous by the band.

The Osbourne’s slot machine is not exactly based on the music of Ozzy Osbourne but on his family, who all shot to fame when they had their own reality TV show. The family members feature on the reels and there are 20 different ways in which the player can win. The game also has a number of bonus features which offer additional prizes.

County fans will love the Dolly Parton slot machine game. This features five reels and a 40-payline video slot. There are plenty of bonus features and the machine will play Dolly’s songs to you as the game is in progress.

The Kiss slot machine though has a 10-reel game and a 100-payline. True gamers will love the potential of this one and Kiss fans will also appreciate the many clips of the band performing in concert. This is considered to be one of the best music-based slot games thanks to the quality of the sound and the entertaining bonus features that you will find throughout the game.

Heavy metal fans will love the Megadeath slot game. This game features a multi-level bonus round and the player has to match up either instruments or band members in order to win. The base game is considered to be easy to get a line win but bonus games will bring even more prizes.

Those who are visiting the casinos in Las Vegas are sure to find at least one of the Elvis Top 20 slot games, although it can also be found at online casinos. This game features a 5-reel play with a 20-payline system alongside a number of bonus rounds. The soundtrack is one of the biggest draws with this game and it is easy to spot the Elvis-themed symbols on the reel such as a gold disk, a guitar and the pink cabriolet as well as the images of Elvis himself. True Elvis fans could happily play for hours on this game while listening to their hero’s hits and hoping for that big payout.